Toy Package Redesign

Re-design of Hasbro "My Little Pony, Rainbowdash" toy for waste-elimination.

The following images represent the completion of an assignment for Package Graphics class, requiring the redesign of an existing toy package for the purpose of improving it by eliminating waste. Waste is eliminated by the creation of a second use for the packaging after the toy is opened, so that it is useable in combination with the toy for the child's enjoyment and enhances the toy's functionality. 
My chosen toy was "Rainbowdash" by Hasbro, My Little Pony Brand. Included is a pacifier.
The orignal package is pictured above. In addition to the fact that the entire package would be thrown away after opening, the "Try Me" feature of squeezing the pony's foot is slightly hidden.
Back of package, showing functionality of pacifier.
"Try Me" feature being utilized with some obstacle.
This shows a very rough mock up of my initial design. Because the toy is focused around the idea of sleeping, and "talks" about nap time, my design concept was to create a new package that doubles as a bed for the toy. It would also function as a carry-case for bringing the toy with you, especially to sleepovers. 
As you can see, the front of the package (headboard of the "bed") is currently too tall, blocking the display of the toy. The vertical rectangle in the front shows where I initially considered handle placement, only to decide that it would be sturdier to make a cut-out, horizontal handle.
A side view of the package when toy is in display standing. The toy would be fastened into the package in shown seated position with a string wrapped around the middle and slightly hidden.
The material chosen is a white coroplast, offering more structure and longevity than the orginal cardboard. If mass-produced this coroplast would be printed on directly, and take the same purple color as displayed in the final photos.
Original design utilized a fastener made from the coroplast. This was decidedly changed to velcro, in order for small children to use it more easily.
This shows the front view of the final package design. The headboard has been shortened to display more of the toy, and graphics are finalized. Both the  "Try Me" feature of the toy, as well as included pacifier, are displayed fully, and there is less obstacle around the foot.
Side view of final package.
Redesign of the back of the carrycase/underside of bed. Depicts use of pacifier, bed and carry case with simple advertising.
Turn pony on its side to "tuck in." Angled bottom of package functions as a pillow, and to display pony in upward position when seated.
Vecro being fastened- pony being "tucked in."
Seated in carry case.
Handle for carrying consists of two rectangular holes in the front and back of package.
Carry case being utilized.
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