Posters: Museum Exhibit etc.

A series of posters created for class assignments for the purposes of advertising museum exhibits, representing an artifact from graphic design history, and showcasing a foreign language.

This series of three posters was created for an assignment dictating students to create a poster advertising the museum exhibit of work of renowed architects Richard Neutra, Frank Gehry, and Louis Sullivan.
Recognizing the architectural and geometric qualities of paper, I decided to create a hand cut/folded artwork representing a specific building, or element of each architect's style.
I then photographed the setups to use as subject matter of each poster. Supplied text was then added to enhance the compositions, as well as color to further differentiate the exhibits but keep them recognizable as a series.
The assignment behind the following Language Poster was to create an informational poster based on an assigned language. Include at least five letters from the alphabet of your language, and an essay of 250 words minimum describing your language and its history.
The assignment behind the following Landmark Poster was to create a poster based on your assigned "landmark" in the graphic design field. (Wendingen magazine, a Dutch art journal published in the early 1900s. Known for innovative square typography usage.) Use one image relating to the landmark, and a 500 word essay about the history of you landmark. The typography created for the main graphic of the poster is very similar in style to that of the magazine.
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