Welcome to Hanson Creative!

My name is Aubrie, and I am a Graphic Designer turned User Experience professional.
I am passionate about problem solving and empathizing with user needs. 
This drives my need to assist companies innovate new ways of achieving business goals by allowing consumers to reach the right destinations through a seamless and delightful experience.
Excelling in environments from Start Ups to major E-commerce retailers from the travel to the financial industries, I have designed logos for major companies, taken part in re-branding, created brochures, flyers, postcards and direct mail pieces marketing to 200,000 consumers. I possess a keen eye for and deep understanding of typography, color, layout, and the Adobe Creative Suite. I enjoy the development of brand guidelines and graphic layouts in both the print and digital realm, and possess the ability to use them to market a company to the height of its potential.

I enjoy the challenge of designing across various forms of media, and being presented with new opportunities to consistently bring efficiency, understanding, and beauty, to the lives of others.
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